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SPR is Your One-Stop Pool & Spa Supplies Shop

Delivering Quality Products to Suit Your Budget in Ipswich and Surrounds

Pumps, Filters, Chlorinators

We have in store a variety of Swimming Pool Pumps, Filters & Salt Water Chlorinators, to suit every ones budget.

Parts & Accessories

Pool or Spa, we have a large range of Parts & Accessories. You should be able to find just what you are looking for at SPR.

Cleaning Equipment

SPR stock a large range of cleaning equipment and spare parts for your pool or spa.


We have in store a variety of Sanitisers, Balancers, Algaecides, Clarifiers and Specialised Chemicals. Come in a talk with us about your needs.

Automatic Pool Cleaners

The most common Automatic Pool Cleaners operate off the suction lines, plugging into the vacuum plate in the pool skimmer box. We stock & have available to us various brands of suction cleaners, suitable for most types of pools.

Toys & Swimming Aids

We stock a basic range of pool toys and swimming aids.
Goggles, Swim Caps, Swim Vests, Toys, Pool Lounges & Seats.

Service and Maintenance

Having our technicians come to you and the problems that you have at your property.

Standard Pool Cleaning

  • Clean Baskets,
  • Clean Chlorinator Cell,
  • Backwash/Clean Filter
  • Water Analysis & Balance.

Premium Pool Cleaning

  • Clean Pool (manual vacuum)
  • Clean Chlorinator cell,
  • Skim Top,
  • Clean Baskets,
  • Backwash/Clean Filter
  • Water Analysis & Balance.

Pool Repairs

Call us for details

Spa Repairs

Call us for details

Onsite servicing and maintenance is part of the maintenance service we provide for both Pools & Spas.

This could be for Repairs to your,

  • Pool
  • Spa Pumps,
  • Pool Filters
  • Chlorinators,
  • Repairs to Pipe-work,
  • Moving Pool Equipment,
  • Basic Pool Leaks
  • Pool Heating & Pool Solar repairs,

Cleaning up a green pool.

Is your pool REALLY GREEN. In most cases a pool with green algae can be cleaned & balanced for swimming.

BUYING A PROPERTY with a pool, then why not get a “Pool Equipment Check” before you sign on the dotted line. You could be in for some unpleasant surprises if you’re not familiar with basic pool equipment and how it should run efficiently.

Have you just PURCHASED A PROPERTY with a pool & your not sure how to maintain and keep it clean?
Let one of our technicians come to you & “SHOW YOU THE BASICS.”
Hours of operations, how to clean your filter, instruction on sanitation, manual vacuuming & basic DAILY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY maintenance.

We service & repair pools, pool equipment, spa & spa equipment.