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A Daily Test Keeps Your Pool at its Best

Summers in south-east Queensland are long, hot and humid and there is nothing more refreshing at the end of the day than to jump into the cool, clear waters of a backyard swimming pool. Keeping those waters clear, however, can be a challenge if the occupier of the dwelling does not know how to properly maintain the pool. Swimming in a domestic pool where the water is not regularly tested can cause health problems as microbes in the water are allowed to multiply.

Pool water is contaminated by the people who use it, and by domestic pets like dogs who also like to cool off on a hot day. Occasionally, frogs, lizards, spiders and other wildlife may be unfortunate enough to drown in a pool, and the decomposing remains are another source of contamination. A little less gruesome, but just as effective in creating contamination are dead leaves, dust and grass that blow into the water.

Regular pH Level Checks for First Swim of the Day

The quickest way to check water quality is to simply look into the water. If it looks different from the day before, is cloudy or the bottom is not as easy to see as it was, then doing a pH level check is the next step. Either way, the pool should be checked before the first swim of the day.

A check of the pH level will show whether the water is acidic or alkaline at any given time. Water is neutral at a pH level of 7; above 7 means that it is alkaline and below 7 means that it is acidic. Each difference triggers a different response in people using the pool. A pH level of 8 or above can cause skin rashes while a lower than 7 reading may sting the eyes of swimmers and cause discomfort.

Professional Maintenance Eases Home Owner Burden

With the pace of modern life showing no signs of slowing down, many pool owners prefer to leave regular maintenance up to pool specialists like SPR Pool and Spa. On-site servicing and maintenance frees up time for owners busy with work, sport or caring commitments, and ensures that their pool will always be sparkling and clear, ready for use by family and guests.

Owners of rental properties can be left with a green, smelly pool by tenants who did not take the time and care to look after it. This will require much more than a pH test. The pool technicians at SPR Pool and Spa are reputable pool cleaners Brisbane who will clean and balance the whole pool and rid it completely of green algae. The water will again be fresh, clear and inviting and just the thing for a quick dip on a hot day.