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Many owners of pools may well wonder if it is worthwhile putting a blanket on their pool. There can be mixed opinions about whether or not they are worthwhile. In the end, all each person can do is make up their own minds based on the information they are given.

At SPR Pool and Spa we always strive to give our customers as much information as possible regarding the care of their pools and we offer sound advice to keep pool and spa water healthy and filters running at their peak.

Because of this, we would like to offer the following information about pool blankets so you can decide yourself if you want to invest in one for your pool.

Keep your pool clean

It makes sense that when you cover your pool that less can get into the pool. Insects, leaves falling from trees, items blown about in the wind, pet toys and dirt are all prevented from getting into your pool when it is covered.

At times, items could still make their way into the water but with a cover the amount is reduced greatly. This will not only keep your pool cleaner it will also make less work for you. It means less vacuuming and skimming with a net to remove debris.

It means you will have more time to enjoy the pool than work on it.

Reduce cost

While you have to pay for the pool blanket in the first place, buying a pool blanket will actually save you money. Water wastage from heat evaporation is cut down as is the need for chemicals and various other items. Not only does this make a financial saving but there is less cost to the environment.

As a side note, pool covers are great for those in drought areas because, as mentioned, water evaporation is cut down. If you have a heated pool or a heated spa then a cover will help you reduce heating costs. This in turn will save energy and, once again, save you money.

Increase safety

When installed and fitted properly pool covers can increase safety. This is because a cover that is put on properly will prevent children from going beneath the surface if they manage to make their way past the pool fencing.

There are a few different kinds of pool covers and so you are sure to find one that suits your needs and budget. At SPR Pool and Spa, we recommend that you use one for all the reasons listed above. Call us today to discuss a cover for your pool.

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The correct pH level is vitally important to your pool’s chemistry and health. When you are taking care of your pool, keeping an eye on the chemical balance is literally one of the key factors. Keeping the water at the right pH level and chemistry not only takes care of your pool, it makes the water safer for swimming and it is far nicer to enjoy.

To balance the pH levels in your pool chlorine, is not enough. Chlorine is used in pools to control bacteria and algae but will not help keep pH levels where they need to be.

At SPR Pool & Spa we can help by maintaining your pool for you or providing the right equipment you need to monitor pH levels yourself.

Whichever way you decide to keep an eye on your pool’s pH levels you are assured of the very best assistance from our knowledgeable and reliable team. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why it’s important to monitor and maintain pH levels.

What happens if the pH is too high?

The following issues can arise in your pool if pH is too high:

When any of the above occur you will need to get the water tested using a testing kit. These can be purchased from our shop or when we carry out pool maintenance we can do this for you. If the pH level is too high then adding acid can help rectify this.

The following acids are most suitable to reduce pH levels:

These acids can be used also but are not as ideal:

What happens when pH is too low?

A pH increaser can be added to adjust this problem; the ingredient that is active is often sodium carbonate. Rain is often the culprit of a low pH level in pools.

You can see that the correct pH level is very important to your pool’s health as well as your comfort. Contact us at SPR Pool & Spa for great advice on products and services to keep your pool healthy today.

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When you think of swimming in saltwater you might think of the sea, as well as how it can sting your eyes and skin with its high salt content. This vision is incorrect. Swimming in saltwater pools is very soothing on the skin and not as rough on the eyes.

In fact, swimming in saltwater pools is actually good for your health and skin, offering more benefits that you think. Saltwater can improve your skin, your immune system and blood flow; and this is just a few of the benefits.

The word “thalassotherapy” was first used by Hippocrates, this word is the description used to convey the healing effects that saltwater can provide. Here are just a few of these.


Saltwater is a great cleanser for your skin. It detoxifies, rejuvenates and exfoliates the largest organ of your body—your skin! Saltwater also enhances your skin’s natural gift to hold moisture; by swimming in it your skin is not only cleansed, it is moisturised.

There have been studies to show that swimming in saltwater can help a range of skin disorders such as acne and eczema. If you suffer from dry and itchy skin then a saltwater pool is the best for you. At SPR Pool & Spa we can offer great products, service and advice on keeping your saltwater pool pristine and clean.


Everyone becomes stressed at some stage; it’s unavoidable in this age. A great way to relieve stress is to swim in a pool; an even better way to do it is to swim in saltwater. When we become stressed, tired and emotional our joints and muscles can become inflamed and tight.

Aside from the obvious stress relieving benefits swimming offers, saltwater also contains Bromide. Bromide is a mineral that helps relieve aches and pains and it also adds to the healing benefits of saltwater.

Whole body healing

Saltwater is great for your circulation but it also contains many other minerals that are highly beneficial to our bodies too. Such minerals include:

Magnesium, which is excellent for your muscles and nervous system.

Potassium, which helps your body recover after exercise.

Calcium, which we all know is vitally important for healthy bones and teeth.

Sodium (salt) also helps your immune system function and keeps the fluids in your body balanced.

So it’s official; if you own a saltwater swimming pool enjoy it more often as it will make you feel fantastic, inside and out. For the cleanest and most ideal swimming conditions of your saltwater pool, contact us at SPR Pool & Spa for all your pool cleaning products and services.


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If you own a swimming pool you may already know how important it is for the pH levels in the water to be right. If you are about to own a swimming pool or if you are thinking of it, then you should familiarise yourself with the importance of correct pH levels.

If these are not right then the health of your pool water will suffer. Getting expert servicing and advice from our knowledgeable team at SPR Pool & Spa is really the best way to ensure that all is well with your swimming pool, including pH levels.

What is a pH?

All water has a pH level; this is a measure of the balance of acid and alkalinity in the water. If water has too much of either, acidity or alkaline, then these are not balanced and can cause chemical reactions.

Water that is too acidic can cause skin irritations to those swimming in it or corrode metal pool equipment. Too much alkaline in the water can make the water cloudy or cause scaling on pool equipment and the surface of the pool.

Will chlorine help adjust pH levels?

Simply adding chlorine to the mix won’t make any improvement to the pH level of the water because if the pH is out then it will have a negative effect on chlorine. When acid levels are too high the chlorine added will dissipate too fast and when alkaline is too high the chlorine is unable to wipe out any present pathogens.

What can put out the pH?

The pH levels in pool water can easily be put out and for this reason it is something that needs to be checked regularly.

When leaves, dirt or other debris fall into the pool, chlorine is added or sunscreen/oil from a swimmer’s body washes off the chemical makeup and the pool is thrown out of balance.

Pools work best with professional care

Because the pH level of your swimming pool can be fragile it pays to get professionals like SPR Pool & Spa to take care of the job. With their vast knowledge and experience they can ensure all equipment is running at its peak as well as check other items in pool water such as calcium hardness.

SPR Pool & Spa stock a great range of products as well as offering standard and premier pool cleaning services. Give them a call to discuss your needs today so your pool stays healthy all year round.


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The usual blistering summer heat that south east Queensland can experience has arrived in spring this year so you may have been caught out with your summer pool cleaning routine. If you have a swimming pool, then after the long winter hiatus you want nothing more than to be able to plunge into its refreshing depths, escape the heat of the day and revive your wilting body and mind. A good swim can turn just about any situation around. SPR Pool & Spa offer these tips to ensure that it is indeed a good swim.

Keep Your pH in Balance

Testing the pH of your pool means you are testing the acidity of the water. A low pH will hurt your swimmers’ eyes and mucus membranes, damage the pool lining and can even damage the mechanical components of your pool’s filter. A high pH indicates poor chlorine content; it will also hurt the eyes, irritate the skin and increase lime precipitation. This is what will give a pool a cloudy look. The water of your pool must be kept at an optimum 7.4 to ensure your swimmers’ and your pool’s health.

Keep up the Chlorine

As mentioned above, if your pool has a high pH it means that there is poor chlorine content. Chlorine is used to disinfect micro-organisms and bacteria. The sun and its inherent temperature increase do a great job of reducing the chlorine content in your pool. Increased swimming activity can also reduce chlorine’s efficacy as we release sweat, natural body oils and sunscreen into the water. Don’t overdose with chlorine as this will also cause swimmer irritation. Only add enough to keep the pH in balance.

Check Your Filter Regularly

It is important, especially during the “high” season that your pool equipment is running to its best possible consequence.

Regular Vacuuming and Skimming is Essential

Vacuuming and skimming the pool is not just so your bathers can swim without getting the creeps when a leaf touches them. Any form of organic matter needs to be removed as soon as possible. Its break down can interrupt the performance of chlorine and cause hard to remove marks from the walls and floor of the pool.

Give Your Pool a Professional Check Up

Just like a human might attend a physical to ensure good health, it is important that your pool be serviced at least once a season, if not more, by a professional. SPR Pool & Spa offer two levels of care for the busy pool owner. In each of these levels we will check your pool and its equipment to ensure optimum performance and offer any maintenance advice that may be necessary.

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Tenants who find a home with a pool in their price range have plenty to celebrate. While they won’t get much use in winter time, the pool will be a welcome haven in the hot months, which will more than make up for lost time during the cold.

BBQs, pool parties, relaxing evening swims or morning laps for exercise are all benefits of living in a rental with a pool. But with the benefits comes responsibility for both the owner and the tenant. If you are unsure you should check with your rental agent but here is a brief rundown of what is expected.

Owner responsibility

The pool must be compliant with all current safety laws and the safety certificate should be provided with the tenancy agreement. Owners also need to make sure that all the appropriate equipment is supplied in order to keep the pool clean.

Items such as pool cleaners, filters and accessories will be needed for the tenants to maintain the pool. Of course, if the tenant damages either of these they may be responsible for replacing any broken items. Whoever needs to obtain parts and accessories for the pool can find these at a reputable swimming pool shop such as SPR Pool & Spa.

If, as the owner, you want to be sure that your pool will be properly cared for, you can organise regular maintenance from the team at SPR Pool & Spa. While the home is tenanted they will attend the site and carry out the service as listed in the agreement with you.

Tenant responsibility

It is the responsibility of the tenant to keep the pool clean and maintained. This means regular vacuuming, checking of water pH levels and filter cleaning. For tenants who are unaware what is required they may like to get in touch with SPR Pool & Spa to be ‘shown the ropes’ of pool cleaning and doing it correctly.

If you don’t feel competent in taking care of the pool maintenance yourself you can hire their services for regular cleaning and maintenance. This way you are guaranteed that the pool is properly taken care of and all you have to do is enjoy all the pros that come with having a pool.

The surest way that pools in rentals stay in great condition is to hire an experienced and professional pool cleaner, and that’s SPR Pool & Spa. Get in touch with them today.


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Having a cool, fresh, sparkling pool in the backyard ready to plunge into after a hot day at work is one of the pleasures of our lifestyle. A pool is not only a place to cool off, but an enticement to spend time outdoors close to nature. Relaxing around the pool deck or cooking up a barbeque with friends and family brings many health benefits and the pool is the focus of most of this activity.

Busy Pool Owners Outsource their Pool Car Needs

Of course, there is no point in having a backyard pool unless the water is kept clean, healthy and free of algae and bacteria. For people with busy lifestyles, this is not an easy task, and many pool owners have chosen to outsource the cleaning, service and maintenance of their pools. One such company is SPR Pool and Spa and their customer service focus and quality pool supplies are just what pool owners need to keep their pools fresh and inviting.

Whether they are dropping in at the best swimming pool shop for some advice on pool products or on site with a technician learning basic tasks, customers have nothing but praise for the professional approach and friendly attitude they encounter. With backgrounds in retail and engineering, the owners have both sides of the equation covered. Customers love the relaxed vibe of the store but also trust the advice they receive about their pool equipment.

Problems with pumps, chlorinators, filters, pipe work and basic leaks can all be sorted, using the knowledge of the skilled technicians. Even a pool that has been neglected to the stage where the water is green can be saved. It’s a case of proper cleaning and chemical balancing to eliminate the green algae, and soon everyone can be safely swimming again.

Get a Pool Equipment Check before Buying Property with a Pool

SPR Pool and Spa also offer a pool equipment check to customers who are thinking of buying a property with a pool. This service checks for problems with the pool and its equipment, and is best done before any contracts are signed in case serious problems are found. Customers who have already purchased a property with a pool and don’t know how to look after it are grateful for the assistance they receive from the technicians who show them how it’s done.

On-site servicing and maintenance is very convenient for busy customers who are happy to arrange a service date and let the technicians take over. Regular servicing and maintenance increases the life of pool equipment and ensures that it is running at optimum performance levels. If you are having problems with your pool, give SPR Pool and Spa a call and book a service.