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Automating your Pool Cleaning

Cleaning your pool can be a bit of a pain. It sometimes seems that you have just put the cleaning pole away and another leaf blows into the pool. Having a professional team in once a week is one way to make your life a lot easier.

Unfortunately, because of budget restrictions, some of us are stuck with our own pool maintenance chores.

The Affordable Solution

Swim Play Relax Pool and Spa offer an affordable alternative to let you pension off your old hand-held pool cleaner and to give your back a bit of a break.

Automatic pool cleaners take the pressure off you and will work tirelessly to clean up any debris and accumulated dirt and algae. You can choose to be a slave driver and make them work all the time or put them on a timer – it just depends on how much cleaning power you need.

What Type to Get?

Swim Play Relax Pool and Spa have a number of different types of automatic cleaners for you to choose from. You will need to consider what sort of pool you have before making a choice. Should you need assistance, simply ask one of our highly trained staff and they’ll point you in the right direction.

The basic types are as follows:

The Standard Type

These work by suction and are attached to the vacuum plate in the pool skimmer box. They are suitable for most types of pools.

The Hammer Type

These are generally best suited to concrete or fibreglass pools.

Diaphram Cleaners

These are a little quieter and very well-suited to above-ground pools.

Flappers Assy

For more leafy pools – these make excellent cleaners for surface pools.

Installation and maintenance of any of these automatic cleaners is simple – ask for advice at the store if you are unsure of how to proceed.

The Benefits of Automatic Cleaners

The benefits of automatic cleaners are not just in the fact that they save you time and effort, they also keep your pool a lot cleaner than you would be able to on your own because they are working every day, whereas you would probably only be able to get to it once a week or so.

Why spend your Saturday afternoon slogging away at cleaning the pool when you can simply plug in a machine and let it do the work for you? Automatic pool cleaners are the way forward when it comes to keeping your pool clean and sparkling, with a minimum amount of work.

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