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Tenants who find a home with a pool in their price range have plenty to celebrate. While they won’t get much use in winter time, the pool will be a welcome haven in the hot months, which will more than make up for lost time during the cold.

BBQs, pool parties, relaxing evening swims or morning laps for exercise are all benefits of living in a rental with a pool. But with the benefits comes responsibility for both the owner and the tenant. If you are unsure you should check with your rental agent but here is a brief rundown of what is expected.

Owner responsibility

The pool must be compliant with all current safety laws and the safety certificate should be provided with the tenancy agreement. Owners also need to make sure that all the appropriate equipment is supplied in order to keep the pool clean.

Items such as pool cleaners, filters and accessories will be needed for the tenants to maintain the pool. Of course, if the tenant damages either of these they may be responsible for replacing any broken items. Whoever needs to obtain parts and accessories for the pool can find these at a reputable swimming pool shop such as SPR Pool & Spa.

If, as the owner, you want to be sure that your pool will be properly cared for, you can organise regular maintenance from the team at SPR Pool & Spa. While the home is tenanted they will attend the site and carry out the service as listed in the agreement with you.

Tenant responsibility

It is the responsibility of the tenant to keep the pool clean and maintained. This means regular vacuuming, checking of water pH levels and filter cleaning. For tenants who are unaware what is required they may like to get in touch with SPR Pool & Spa to be ‘shown the ropes’ of pool cleaning and doing it correctly.

If you don’t feel competent in taking care of the pool maintenance yourself you can hire their services for regular cleaning and maintenance. This way you are guaranteed that the pool is properly taken care of and all you have to do is enjoy all the pros that come with having a pool.

The surest way that pools in rentals stay in great condition is to hire an experienced and professional pool cleaner, and that’s SPR Pool & Spa. Get in touch with them today.