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When you think of swimming in saltwater you might think of the sea, as well as how it can sting your eyes and skin with its high salt content. This vision is incorrect. Swimming in saltwater pools is very soothing on the skin and not as rough on the eyes.

In fact, swimming in saltwater pools is actually good for your health and skin, offering more benefits that you think. Saltwater can improve your skin, your immune system and blood flow; and this is just a few of the benefits.

The word “thalassotherapy” was first used by Hippocrates, this word is the description used to convey the healing effects that saltwater can provide. Here are just a few of these.


Saltwater is a great cleanser for your skin. It detoxifies, rejuvenates and exfoliates the largest organ of your body—your skin! Saltwater also enhances your skin’s natural gift to hold moisture; by swimming in it your skin is not only cleansed, it is moisturised.

There have been studies to show that swimming in saltwater can help a range of skin disorders such as acne and eczema. If you suffer from dry and itchy skin then a saltwater pool is the best for you. At SPR Pool & Spa we can offer great products, service and advice on keeping your saltwater pool pristine and clean.


Everyone becomes stressed at some stage; it’s unavoidable in this age. A great way to relieve stress is to swim in a pool; an even better way to do it is to swim in saltwater. When we become stressed, tired and emotional our joints and muscles can become inflamed and tight.

Aside from the obvious stress relieving benefits swimming offers, saltwater also contains Bromide. Bromide is a mineral that helps relieve aches and pains and it also adds to the healing benefits of saltwater.

Whole body healing

Saltwater is great for your circulation but it also contains many other minerals that are highly beneficial to our bodies too. Such minerals include:

Magnesium, which is excellent for your muscles and nervous system.

Potassium, which helps your body recover after exercise.

Calcium, which we all know is vitally important for healthy bones and teeth.

Sodium (salt) also helps your immune system function and keeps the fluids in your body balanced.

So it’s official; if you own a saltwater swimming pool enjoy it more often as it will make you feel fantastic, inside and out. For the cleanest and most ideal swimming conditions of your saltwater pool, contact us at SPR Pool & Spa for all your pool cleaning products and services.