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Having a cool, fresh, sparkling pool in the backyard ready to plunge into after a hot day at work is one of the pleasures of our lifestyle. A pool is not only a place to cool off, but an enticement to spend time outdoors close to nature. Relaxing around the pool deck or cooking up a barbeque with friends and family brings many health benefits and the pool is the focus of most of this activity.

Busy Pool Owners Outsource their Pool Car Needs

Of course, there is no point in having a backyard pool unless the water is kept clean, healthy and free of algae and bacteria. For people with busy lifestyles, this is not an easy task, and many pool owners have chosen to outsource the cleaning, service and maintenance of their pools. One such company is SPR Pool and Spa and their customer service focus and quality pool supplies are just what pool owners need to keep their pools fresh and inviting.

Whether they are dropping in at the best swimming pool shop for some advice on pool products or on site with a technician learning basic tasks, customers have nothing but praise for the professional approach and friendly attitude they encounter. With backgrounds in retail and engineering, the owners have both sides of the equation covered. Customers love the relaxed vibe of the store but also trust the advice they receive about their pool equipment.

Problems with pumps, chlorinators, filters, pipe work and basic leaks can all be sorted, using the knowledge of the skilled technicians. Even a pool that has been neglected to the stage where the water is green can be saved. It’s a case of proper cleaning and chemical balancing to eliminate the green algae, and soon everyone can be safely swimming again.

Get a Pool Equipment Check before Buying Property with a Pool

SPR Pool and Spa also offer a pool equipment check to customers who are thinking of buying a property with a pool. This service checks for problems with the pool and its equipment, and is best done before any contracts are signed in case serious problems are found. Customers who have already purchased a property with a pool and don’t know how to look after it are grateful for the assistance they receive from the technicians who show them how it’s done.

On-site servicing and maintenance is very convenient for busy customers who are happy to arrange a service date and let the technicians take over. Regular servicing and maintenance increases the life of pool equipment and ensures that it is running at optimum performance levels. If you are having problems with your pool, give SPR Pool and Spa a call and book a service.