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Cooler Months Mean No More Swimming

The collective sigh of South East Queenslanders can be heard everywhere as we relax into the cooler months of autumn. We live in Queensland because we love the weather but the peak of summer is always a relief to say goodbye to.

Autumn is a beautiful time of the year. The sky is nearly always a pristine blue. The temperatures are always buoyantly comfortable during the day but chilly at night. In the outer lying areas of Ipswich it is starting to chill down even more.

Soon, the children will come in from the pool with chattering teeth and blue lips. As the days shorten and cool down you will be less likely to use the pool yourself.

As the chill creeps in deeper, leaves will begin to drop off all the deciduous trees, adding to the leaf drop already occurring due to the lack of rain during this latest dry season.

With your pool or spa not being used so much it is easy to lose track of time and miss the regular maintenance that is necessary to keep it in tip top shape.

Carefree Pool Maintenance

Reliable pool maintenance is achievable with the great products and services SPR Pool and Spa offer. SPR stands for Swim Play Relax and that is exactly what they intend to deliver through sound advice, products and services.

A complete range of sanitisers, algaecides, clarifiers, and specialised chemicals to keep your pool or spa in the best working order possible are available.

The staff members possess a mountain of pool and spa care know-how and are able to give you sound advice on the right product for your situation.

Whether it be PH balance and how to correct it through proper chemical usage, changing your spa from a chlorine-based treatment to something more “human” friendly or choosing the right cleaner, you will get your answers in clear laymen’s terms.

Why not let the professionals from SPR Pool and Spa take care of it for you?

Certainly, as the cooler weather turns to colder weather, it becomes less enticing to spend time around the water. Putting your hands into freezing temperatures to manoeuvre equipment, empty skimmer boxes, retrieve debris, and flush out filters becomes less than desirable.

With two service levels to select from, you will be able to keep your pool and spa in good working order and manage your budget.

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