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How to Maintain your Pool during Different Seasons

Pool maintenance is not the same throughout the year. There are specific things you must check and perform in order you keep your pool in tiptop condition for each and every season. This way, you and your family can enjoy a clean and healthy pool and make the most out of your big investment. You can perform simple pool care tasks and leave the more complicated jobs to a pool maintenance expert.


Summer is considered the swimming season when your pool gets too much action. This is the season when your pool requires regular filter changes, cleaning and careful check of pH water balance and Total Alkalinity (TA). Make sure a proper water balance is maintained and the circulation system in the pool is sufficient and always functioning properly.

Sanitising your pool is important to make sure users do not get contaminated with waterborne diseases. Chlorine or bromine can be used to sanitise your pool as they kill the bacteria and contaminants in the water.

It is also recommended that you take a sample of pool water to your local pool dealership once a month to make sure the water is properly balanced. Other regular maintenance includes running the filtration system in your pool six to eight hours daily, vacuuming and skimming your pool to get rid of any debris.


The onset of winter is when the swimming season ends. It is important to follow the proper procedure for closing the pool at the end of the swimming season. Cover the pool with a good pool cover to block leaves and debris from entering the filtration and circulation systems during the closed months. Other pool care tips include checking the chlorine and pH levels every two weeks; making sure the skimmer basket is never full; ensuring the pressure gauge on the filter is not indicating ‘backwash;’ and turning the pool lights on for a minimum of 30 minutes weekly to avoid build-up of moisture within the light and wiring.


If your pool is surrounded by trees and plants, then autumn is when you should be more conscientious about removing autumnal leaves and other debris. Prevent leaves and debris from damaging your skimmer by using a pool cover. The days are getting cooler leading to winter, so it is wise to cut filtration hours to two or three hours daily and lower the chlorine output. You should also use a winter treatment kit to winterise your pool.


Spring cleaning also applies to your pool. Make sure the pump is running properly and arrange for a complete pool equipment inspection by a licensed pool and spa maintenance professional. In preparation for the swimming season, check the fittings and inspect for leaks.