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Keeping your Pool Clean

Having a pool is great fun for the whole family – but maintenance takes some work.  Your pool needs to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis in order to keep it sparkling and clean. You can DIY or call SPR’s professional pool service technicians and arrange a weekly, fortnightly or monthly clean.

Why get in a Professional?

Aside from the time-saving aspect of getting in a professional, the job will simply be done a lot more thoroughly and properly.

The minute someone steps foot in the pool or a leaf falls into it, the water is likely to become contaminated. For this reason, you need to ensure that the water is kept acidic enough to kill off bacteria but not so acidic that it is harmful to your family.

A professional pool cleaning company is adept at keeping this delicate balance; they will bring in proper testing kits and have the experience to know exactly which chemicals are required and what quantity of chemicals is needed.

They will also manually remove any debris that may have been missed; if left in place, this debris will decompose and provide the ideal breeding ground for nasty bacteria.

A professional would also be able to suggest alternative chemicals to use, should someone in your family be extremely sensitive or allergic to them.

Onsite Maintenance

Do you know how to remove your pump so that you can take it in for a check? How about the filters, et cetera? The professionals can do this onsite and know when and how often to change your filters. This can save you money; your pump will work more efficiently and last longer.

Saving you the Effort

I’m sure that you have better things to do with your time off than scraping the sides of your pool or playing around with pool chemicals. Handing this job to a professional company means that you can spend more time in the pool and less time maintaining it.

Most of us love the idea of having a pool but dread having to look after it.

You Needn’t Store Dangerous Chemicals

A good advantage of getting a pool service in, and one we seldom consider, is that they will bring their own chemicals. You need to remember that pool chemicals are quite poisonous in high concentrations.

They are not the kind of items that you want your children to be able to touch and so it is much better to have them brought in only when and if needed.

Make your pool a lot safer without increasing your workload.