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Pool Blankets: An Overview

If you own a pool, you definitely need to consider investing in a pool blanket for it. Everyone knows that keeping a pool properly covered when not in use is a great idea; it keeps debris out, keeping the water a lot cleaner. Your pool blanket should do a lot more than that, though. Have you taken a look at today’s pool blankets recently? The best ones will not only keep your pool clean – they’ll cut your operating costs, keep the water warm and reduce wastage, too.  Learn more below!

Keep the Cold at Bay

Today’s best pool blankets have solar pockets that help harness the warmth of the sun. Those pockets warm up and their heat is transferred to the water below. When used consistently, a pool blanket can keep your pool water several degrees warmer. Check with your local pool shop in Ipswich to see what kinds of pool blankets they offer. Chances are, most of them have solar heating capabilities.

Keep Debris Out

When your pool’s not in use, why should it be left exposed to the elements? When that happens, stray leaves, grass, dirt and other debris can drift right in. In the end, your cleaning job will be a whole lot harder. The right pool blanket will keep debris out, making it a lot easier to maintain your pool. The blanket only works, though, if it is used. Get into the habit of covering your pool up with your blanket to enjoy the most benefits from it.

Cut Down on Wastage

One basic rule that everyone knows is that water evaporates. When enough water evaporates from your pool, you have to add more. At the same time, you have to add more chemicals and other costly things. A pool blanket reduces the amount of evaporation that occurs, allowing you to conserve a lot more water and expensive chemicals. As a result, you’ll make far fewer trips to your pool supplies shop in Ipswich than you otherwise would – and you’ll save yourself plenty of cash, too!

Cut Down on Energy Costs

Running a pool heater all the time can result in a very ugly electricity bill. While we all want to swim in a pleasant pool, we don’t want to pay a hefty price for it. You can reduce your dependence on your pool heater by using a pool blanket on a regular basis. Since the blanket cuts back on evaporation, too, it will lower your water bill at the same time. Ultimately, your investment in a quality pool blanket will pay for itself in a very short period of time. There’s no good reason not to use a pool blanket, so buy one for your pool today!