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A Pool Blanket Ensures A Comfortable Temperature

If you are one of the lucky people that own a pool, you will know the joy of splashing around in cool water in the middle of a sticky hot summer. There is nothing more pleasurable than thinking of cool water waiting for you to jump into when you get home from work. Even the costs of maintaining the pool and the work involved is considered worthwhile knowing heat relief is not too far away. And don’t forget the fun times to be had when you entertain friends with a pool party over the weekends.

To keep your pool up to scratch make sure you top up with the right products from your pool shop in Redbank Plains. They will have everything you need to keep your pool in tip top condition with sparkling clean, healthy water for you to enjoy. They can also advise you on the use of products you may not be familiar with. Pool toys for the kids are also stocked to keep them entertained as well. Besides having fun, our pool can help us to keep fit as swimming is great exercise and can help us to burn off extra kilos and gain muscle instead. If we could do this all year round just think how great we would look and feel. But then we have winter months coming soon.

Ah, not to worry, we have a solution for that, don’t we? We can just pop out to our pool supplies store in Redbank Plains and buy a solar pool blanket which will keep the pool water at a nice comfortable temperature for swimming through winter as well. A solar blanket is light and looks like bubble wrap and is attached at one end to a long roller that has a handle for winding the blanket in. The blanket floats on top of the water and the bubbles absorb heat from the sun then transfers the heat to the pool water. Winding it in is quite a simple matter, but when you are not using the pool it is recommended that the blanket is covering the pool in order to keep the temperature constant.

Pool blankets are one of the best ever inventions because they allow us to make full use of one of our more costly assets, and provide opportunity for year round swimming. If you have a pool, are a keen swimmer and would like to get more use from your pool, pop out to your pool supply shop and buy a solar pool blanket.