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Keeping your Pool Gorgeous all Year Round

When summer rolls around, a pool is a vital part of the fun for the family, especially in the warm climate of Australia. It is in the cooler months that we tend to let pool care slide – after all, no one is using the pool in winter, are they. It is simply a case of drawing the cover over the pool and ignoring it until spring. In theory this does make sense but, in practice, some pool maintenance is required even in winter. In fact, it is vital to continue with some pool care in the winter months if you want your pool to be sparkly clean and ready for summer.

You certainly do not need to get pool cleaning experts in as regularly as you do in summer – once a month or so should be plenty. They will come in and check the alkalinity and bacterial levels in the pool and make sure that the water remains safe for you and your family. They will be able to advise on whether or not your pool cleaning equipment is in good working order or not.

Of course, when the weather starts to get warmer, you are going to need to step up your pool care routine. Some people choose to take this into their own hands but this does take some know-how if you hope to get it right. You can get good advice on looking after your pool from your local pool supply store. Alternatively, you can get professional pool cleaners in about once a week or once every two weeks in so that they can clean the pool and treat it properly.

You need to remember that pool water is by and large stagnant and that is why we need a pool pump to circulate the water. It is therefore essential to get the right balance of chemicals in the pool so that the water is alkaline enough to swim in but acidic enough to kill off bacteria and algae, etc. This means regular testing of the pool water and treating the water with the appropriate chemicals in order to maintain the balance. For the amateur, this could mean a lot of trial and error which prompts a lot of people to leave it to the experts.

Of course, when autumn rolls around and you start looking at rolling the cover back over the pool, you can look at easing up on your pool cleaning routine again. There is no need for pool care to be difficult at all, but it does need to be looked at as a year-round endeavour.