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Which Pool Maintenance is Best for you

Whether you own your own home or if you rent, there is always the task of maintenance to be carried out on the home and surrounding yard. Gutters need to be cleaned, gardens and grass need to be kept from becoming overgrown. Another item in your yard that requires maintenance, should you be lucky enough to have one, is the pool. That’s right, while those with pools are thrilled to have one, they may not be so thrilled about the maintenance that comes with it, and they do need to be looked after properly.

Pools are more than just fun.

Correct pool maintenance is not simply giving it a vacuum every now and then to remove dirt and leaves. In order for your pool to be a healthy one, you need to ensure that it is running as it should be at all times. This means cleaning filters, having the pump serviced, checking for repairs that may be needed, ensuring water PH levels are correct and that the right amount of chlorine is added. And this is on top of the regular vacuuming and skimming for leaves it requires. Do you have time to do that yourself? Probably not. The next time you head to your pool supplies shop in Ipswich, discuss with them the kind of professional pool maintenance they offer and decide which kind of service you need.

Standard pool cleaning.

It may not sound like a lot, but when you have to try and find time to do it yourself it can become quite a big task. A professional can carry out a standard pool clean for you while you take care of your own top priorities. A standard pool clean will entail items such as cleaning the basket, cleaning the chlorinator cell, cleaning the filter and performing a backwash and a water analysis and balance. This kind of service is perfect for pool owners with automatic pool cleaners. Pool equipment would also be checked and the professional staff would advise of any repairs that may be required.

Premium pool cleaning.

Perfect for the pool owner who wants to ensure that their pool is perfectly clear and pristine when it comes time for a relaxing swim. In this service the pool will be manually vacuumed and skimmed, the chlorinator cell, basket and filter will be cleaned and a backwash performed. The water will also be analysed and balanced. All equipment will be checked and any required repairs will be advised to the owner. Pools with covers will only require vacuuming and skimming every second visit unless the pool owner wishes to pay a little extra for this to be done each time. On every visit the pool cover will be cleared of debris.

Talk to your Ipswich pool supplies shop and discuss what needs you have for your pool. Save yourself the hard work and let the professionals do it for you.