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About A Pool Pump

Everyone enjoys a dip in a cool pool at the end of a long hot day at school or the office or getting through the household chores. It cools your body, lifts your spirits, is enjoyable and one of life’s great pleasures. Pools are a wonderful extra for the home, and have the added benefit of helping us to build aerobic endurance and overall fitness, helping us to stay healthy and happy. Even just sitting by the pool watching the kiddies having fun can be uplifting to parents, especially when they are secure in the knowledge that all safety measures are in place as well the pool being hygienically clean.

Sanitary conditions in a pool are of prime importance if we are to get the best out of them and stay in good health. A pool where PH is not balanced correctly can lead to skin infections and respiratory problems as well as algae growth taking place, making swimming a big no no! Pool health is every bit as important as the safety issues such as the fence surrounding the pool, and making sure there is no item close by that children can use to climb over the fence. Making a visit to your local pool shop in Redbank Plains, and getting helpful advice from the staff as to what is needed to keep your pool in pristine condition is a step in the right direction.

Safety issues and pool PH are only part of the process that needs to be faithfully adhered to, because if the filter and pump are not working to full capacity, are leaking or clogged up, you will have a pool that is unhygienic anyway. If the filter needs to be cleaned, the water being circulated will not be of the quality it should be. If you find you need to buy a new pump or filter check with the pool supplies store in Redbank Plains.

In the same way our blood is pumped into and out of our heart, being filtered as it circulates through our body, pool water is sucked into a pool pump and through a filter before being pushed back into the pool leaving it clean and free of contaminants. Without the pool pump working at its peak performance, the pool becomes unhealthy and a hazard to swim in for people who want to stay healthy. This is why the pool pump is of prime importance to the pool and needs to be constantly checked for smooth operation and regularly maintained and the filter thoroughly cleaned as well.