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Pool Safety – Not just Fences

I think it is probably a parent’s biggest fear – to find their child lying face down in the swimming pool. For 35 families this last year, this was the grim reality faced.

If you want to avoid a similar tragedy befalling your family, you need to make sure that your pool is completely compliant with the new safety regulations and also ensure that you implement rules for the pool.


The Pool Safety Regulations

You need, by law, to have a pool safety compliance certificate for your pool. It is fairly simple to obtain – download one of the checklists available on any of the pool inspection company websites and see how your pool measures up.

When you think your pool is ready, you simply make an appointment for a pool inspector to come around.


A Pool Safety Certificate is not Enough

Although a pool safety certificate is going to go a long way to making your pool safer, there are still dangers to consider.


Never Leave Children Unsupervised

Drowning happens in the blink of an eye so you need to make sure that any young pool users are properly supervised by a responsible adult. Teenagers can also supervise but you need to ensure that they are responsible and capable of handling a crisis.


No Rough Housing

One of the number one causes of injuries when it comes to swimming pools is rough housing. Children, and some adults, think it is fun to push people into the pool or to run around the pool chasing people.

These games may seem like fun but can cause injury – make sure people engage in common sense when playing around and in the pool. This is where responsible adult supervision is important.

The person should also have a basic knowledge of first aid and preferably some form of transport, so that anyone injured can receive attention at the site or rushed off to the doctor.


Health Issues

Of course, another issue that can affect your family’s safety is one that we hardly even consider – germs in the water. You need to make sure that your pool water is maintained at the proper pH level.

Ideally, germs like a more alkaline environment to thrive. The solution is to pop by your local pool supplies and get some pool acid, chlorine and a pool testing kit.

You need to make sure that the pool is acidic enough to kill off any bacteria but also alkaline enough to make swimming pleasant.

If your family starts to complain about stinging eyes or hair turning a peculiar shade after a swim, the balance is off and you need to test the water. If you are unsure of how this works, the friendly staff at Swim Play Relax Pool and Spa will be more than happy to assist you.

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