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Preparing your Pool for the Swimming Season

After being closed during the winter, your swimming pool is due for some cleaning and maintenance. A good tip to remember is to keep your pool properly maintained during the winter months so that re-opening it the next season will involve less work. It is important to know how to open a pool correctly for the sake of both the swimmers and the pool.

Basic Things To Do at the End of Winter

Remove all the dirt and debris that has landed on the pool cover during winter before taking it off. Dry out the cover completely before packing it away.

If the water level has dropped, top it up. Then put the skimmer baskets back in and re-connect the pipe work that you disconnected during the winter. Turn the multi-port valve on your pool filter to ‘recirculate’ and prepare your pool pump to get the water flowing. Backwash the filter for five minutes when the system is full of water.

The next step is to test the water balance of your pool. Have the water tested by a professional. Your local swimming pool supply store will test the water sample for balance, usually for free. The water will be tested for mineral content and total alkalinity as well as pH and chlorine levels. A professional will inform you if there is a chemical imbalance in your pool, recommend what needs to be done, and tell you how much it will cost.

Based on the water analysis, make sure to achieve pH levels of 7.2 to 7.4 and total alkalinity from 80 to 120. pH levels determine the amount of chlorine that is converted into hypochlorous acid in the water. Increase pH by adding soda ash; decrease by using muriatic acid. It is also important to balance the chlorine levels from 1 part per million (ppm) to 3 ppm. Use cyanuric-based tablets to impede the sun’s ability to dissolve chlorine. In addition, establish¬†calcium hardness from 150 ppm to 250 ppm. Use calcium chloride to adjust your pool water’s calcium hardness.

Set Up a Good Maintenance Plan

It is crucial to have a good maintenance plan in place to keep your pool clean and in good condition throughout the year. You can do basic maintenance like keeping the filter clean, vacuuming the pool weekly and testing the chemical levels daily. It is recommended to get professional pool cleaners to test the water monthly.

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