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The most common Sanitiser is Chlorine. Chlorine comes in different forms, Granular, Tablet & Liquid. Chlorine can also be produced from a salt water chlorinator in gas form. Sanitisers are used for disinfecting the pool water and killing the bacteria that would normally cause the pool to turn cloudy or green.

For Spa sanitation, use Lithium granules or Bromine tablets in a tablet dispenser. These products are design to with stand the higher water temperatures that normal chlorine cannot.

Other forms of sanitisers are ozone and ionisers, both of these can be used in your pool or spa to reduce the use of chlorine.

Using Chlorine in your pool should be accompanied with a stabilizer, or sunscreen, to prevent UV light removing the chlorine from the water more quickly.

To check your pool has the correct chlorine, stabilizer levels for safe comfortable swimming, drop a sample into your local pool store for testing.


There are a few chemicals needed to help keep your pool and spa water in perfect balance. Pool water needs to be correctly balanced for sanitisers to work efficiently and to prevent damage to pool equipment, the pool surface and for the comfort of the swimmer.

It is important to keep the PH, Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness and dissolved solids correctly managed to maintain correct water balance.

The levels of basic water balance may vary according to the type of pool ie: Concrete, fiberglass, Pebblecrete, Marblelite, etc.

To achieving the correct water balance, simply supply a water sample to your local pool store for analysis.


Algaecides are commonly used to treat and prevent Algae growth in pools. There are several different types of algae from black, to green, mustard and even pink algae.
Algaecides can be used to treat all types of algae and can also be used as to maintenance to prevent algae growth. If you have an unusual algae problem, contact our team at SPR for professional advice on the best algaecide solution for your algae problem.


Does your pool look cloudy, has it lost its sparkle, you may need a clarifier.

Clarifiers help the filter remove the finer particles from your pool water giving it that crystal clear look.

There are a range of clarifiers from the heavy duty Floccing agents to light maintenance products.
To keep your pool looking sparkling clear, it is recommend to add a clarifier on a regular basis to prevent a build up of particles in the water and prevent it looking cloudy. Particularly when there is a lot of dust and fine particles. Ask your pool store for more information.

Specialised Chemicals

Occasionally there are adverse situations with water balance, where the chemicals required are not always used as part of normal water balance.

Are you struggling to keep your pool water clean.

Outside conditions or unusual weather conditions usually contribute to these factors. We have a range of specialty chemicals to help restore your pool chemistry.