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Reliable Pool Maintenance

When it comes to keeping your pool clean and safe for your family, proper pool maintenance is essential. Consistency and quality maintenance is vital if you want to enjoy the pool throughout the warmer months.

Call in the Experts

Perhaps you don’t have the time, or the inclination, to devote yourself to pool maintenance – let Swim Play Relax Pool and Spa take the grind out of pool maintenance for you. They will set up a regular schedule for pool cleaning and maintenance. You can rely on them to ensure that everything in the pool goes swimmingly.

Ideally speaking, the pool cleaning team should come out once a week during the warmer months. It is also advisable to get them out if there has been a severe storm.

Why Worry?

It should always be remembered that a pool is, in essence, basically just a stagnant pool. The pH balance can easily be upset by a number of elements – regular use of the pool, rainwater and debris can all affect the pH level.

The danger is that the pool can become a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria – bacteria that is naked to the human eye. The pool may look great but could still be home to horrible little bugs.

The water needs to be acidic enough to kill off bacteria and this can be achieved through the use of chemicals.

Too much acidity, however, can also cause problems – especially for those using the pool. Too much acidity causes stinging eyes and can even burn the skin.

Balancing the pH of the water is an ongoing job – the water should be tested at least once a week. Hand this function over to Swim Play Relax Pool and Spa and that’s one less thing to have to worry about.

Specialist Teams

The team will not only check the pH balance of the pool and apply the appropriate chemicals but they will also check on the pool pump and systems as well. With their expertise, they know exactly where to look; they also know what problems to be on the lookout for. Your pool pump will run smoothly and last a lot longer with the proper maintenance.

Quality Products and top Quality Service

SPR only deal with top notch suppliers – Nikki and Andy insist on this because a good foundation is essential for quality service and reliable pool maintenance.

Nikki, with her background in retail, and Andy, with a background in engineering, have built up an excellent reputation for quality and service excellence.

Their combined expertise makes this dynamic duo a force to be reckoned with in the industry.