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Converting to Salt Water

When it comes to pools, there are two basic setups available, each with their own pros and cons. You could have a fresh water pool or a salt water pool. Both pools are very different in terms of the way in which they are set up and the way in which they are maintained. The set-up for both is largely the same – there is just some extra equipment required for a salt water swimming pool.

The major difference is, of course, that a salt water swimming pool requires a chlorine generator in order to be able to keep itself clean. Salt in the water is removed and is converted, by electrolysis, to Hypoclorous acid – a major component of chlorine. Although salt water swimming pools require a lot less in the form of upkeep than fresh water ones, one needs to make sure that the generator is free of mineral deposits at all times if you want to ensure that it runs smoothly. And one thing you do not want is a generator that is not working – watch your pool go from clear to green in just a few short days.

You will also need to pay a lot more attention to the water pump. This needs to be kept free of salt build-up. Check the pool’s filter for salt build-up regularly in order to catch crystallization before it becomes an issue – if left unchecked, your pump will be less effective and will eventually burn out leading to costly replacements. Salt crystallization is one issue that has plagued salt water pool owners for ages – especially those with older pools that have not got salt water filtration systems. The best defence is to regularly clean out pipes that bring water into or lead water out of your pool every couple of months – prevention is always better than cure.

If you are converting from a fresh water pool to a salt water one, it is important to ensure that the lining of your pool will not be affected. One can, before refilling the pool, line the pool with an anti-salt solution. If you do not do this, you will need to physically scrub down the pool lining about once a month.

By and large, however, most pool cleaners will tell you that there are immense benefits to having salt water swimming pools rather than fresh ones – not only are they less expensive to run and require less volatile chemicals – you need a bag of salt every now and then, but they are more healthy for you and your family.