Should You Put a Cover On Your Pool?

Many owners of pools may well wonder if it is worthwhile putting a blanket on their pool. There can be mixed opinions about whether or not they are worthwhile. In the end, all each person can do is make up their own minds based on the information they are given.

At SPR Pool and Spa we always strive to give our customers as much information as possible regarding the care of their pools and we offer sound advice to keep pool and spa water healthy and filters running at their peak.

Because of this, we would like to offer the following information about pool blankets so you can decide yourself if you want to invest in one for your pool.

Keep your pool clean

It makes sense that when you cover your pool that less can get into the pool. Insects, leaves falling from trees, items blown about in the wind, pet toys and dirt are all prevented from getting into your pool when it is covered.

At times, items could still make their way into the water but with a cover the amount is reduced greatly. This will not only keep your pool cleaner it will also make less work for you. It means less vacuuming and skimming with a net to remove debris.

It means you will have more time to enjoy the pool than work on it.

Reduce cost

While you have to pay for the pool blanket in the first place, buying a pool blanket will actually save you money. Water wastage from heat evaporation is cut down as is the need for chemicals and various other items. Not only does this make a financial saving but there is less cost to the environment.

As a side note, pool covers are great for those in drought areas because, as mentioned, water evaporation is cut down. If you have a heated pool or a heated spa then a cover will help you reduce heating costs. This in turn will save energy and, once again, save you money.

Increase safety

When installed and fitted properly pool covers can increase safety. This is because a cover that is put on properly will prevent children from going beneath the surface if they manage to make their way past the pool fencing.

There are a few different kinds of pool covers and so you are sure to find one that suits your needs and budget. At SPR Pool and Spa, we recommend that you use one for all the reasons listed above. Call us today to discuss a cover for your pool.