Summer is Here Early!

The usual blistering summer heat that south east Queensland can experience has arrived in spring this year so you may have been caught out with your summer pool cleaning routine. If you have a swimming pool, then after the long winter hiatus you want nothing more than to be able to plunge into its refreshing depths, escape the heat of the day and revive your wilting body and mind. A good swim can turn just about any situation around. SPR Pool & Spa offer these tips to ensure that it is indeed a good swim.

Keep Your pH in Balance

Testing the pH of your pool means you are testing the acidity of the water. A low pH will hurt your swimmers’ eyes and mucus membranes, damage the pool lining and can even damage the mechanical components of your pool’s filter. A high pH indicates poor chlorine content; it will also hurt the eyes, irritate the skin and increase lime precipitation. This is what will give a pool a cloudy look. The water of your pool must be kept at an optimum 7.4 to ensure your swimmers’ and your pool’s health.

Keep up the Chlorine

As mentioned above, if your pool has a high pH it means that there is poor chlorine content. Chlorine is used to disinfect micro-organisms and bacteria. The sun and its inherent temperature increase do a great job of reducing the chlorine content in your pool. Increased swimming activity can also reduce chlorine’s efficacy as we release sweat, natural body oils and sunscreen into the water. Don’t overdose with chlorine as this will also cause swimmer irritation. Only add enough to keep the pH in balance.

Check Your Filter Regularly

It is important, especially during the “high” season that your pool equipment is running to its best possible consequence.

Regular Vacuuming and Skimming is Essential

Vacuuming and skimming the pool is not just so your bathers can swim without getting the creeps when a leaf touches them. Any form of organic matter needs to be removed as soon as possible. Its break down can interrupt the performance of chlorine and cause hard to remove marks from the walls and floor of the pool.

Give Your Pool a Professional Check Up

Just like a human might attend a physical to ensure good health, it is important that your pool be serviced at least once a season, if not more, by a professional. SPR Pool & Spa offer two levels of care for the busy pool owner. In each of these levels we will check your pool and its equipment to ensure optimum performance and offer any maintenance advice that may be necessary.