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Summer Pool Safety Tips

With the summer season approaching, there is going to be a lot of pool usage in homes, hotels and health clubs. While swimming can be a great fun activity for family and friends, it also poses danger to younger children. Children under five years of age need to be well protected against any drowning incidents. Adult supervision makes a lot of difference; however, there is a need for taking adequate safety measures to ensure maximum safety in and around the pool area. The Australian government has laid out pool safety laws these must be complied with by pool owners.

There are some basic safety requirements that are to be followed by pool owners. The first one is to put a fence around the pool. Most drowning accidents occur because the children wander out of the house and fall into the pool. The fence needs to be high enough so that the child cannot climb their way in. The minimum recommended height is 1200mm above ground level. Gates of the fence must open outward from the pool area and should be equipped with self-close and self-latch system. The latches should also be higher than the children’s reach. You can get more information and options available from your local Ipswich pool supplies company.

There should not be anything alongside the pool fence that might assist in climbing. Remove all furniture, pots or timber from that area. The tree branches close to the fence top should be regularly trimmed. A CPR sign should be placed around the pool area where it is clearly visible. In case these is construction or renovation being done for the pool, warning signs should be placed. It is also a good idea to have a window opening into the pool area, but this must be secured properly.

To make sure that your pool meets the required safety requirements, you would require a pool safety certificate. For this, a pool safety inspector will come and visit the pool before issuing the certificate. The pool, as well as Ipswich pool equipment, will be checked to make sure these are safe for the users. This inspection needs to be carried out by licensed and reputable pool safety inspectors who have the required knowledge regarding current pool safety laws.

All pool owners need to be aware of the changes made in the pool safety laws and must comply with these to ensure maximum safety in and around the pool area. Regular inspections are important to make sure that all rules and regulations are being followed.