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Keep Safe and make your Swimming Pool Holiday Fun

Summer means sun and sea – or, if you cannot access the sea, sun and a swimming pool. Before you dive into your pool, however, you need to be sure that the pool water is in tip top condition. To start off with, you need to make sure that the pH of the water is right – too acidic and it will not be pleasant to swim, too alkaline and you risk allowing dangerous bacteria the opportunity to grow.

The Supplies you need

Every pool owner should have a water testing kit that is easily accessible. Familiarise yourself with the kit and test the pool water at least once a week. You can get one of these kits from a professional when you get the rest of your pool supplies in Ipswich. You will also need a pool net to fish out any leaves and some sort of pool acid. Get the best advice possible whilst at the store. Adding acid to the pool may be a daily or weekly job, depending on the acid used and the problems with your pool. There are several devices that make this task easier for you. You will also find that an automated pool cleaner will help.

What you need to do

The surface of the pool should be skimmed daily in order to remove leaves or other debris in order to minimise the surfaces on which bacteria can breed. Check the pump area and make sure that it is clean and free of debris. If you have an automated pool cleaner, you need to check to see if it missed any spots. If so, you are going to have redirect it so that those areas are covered. Now you will add the acid, if necessary.

What if my Pool goes Green?

Green is a lovely colour for emeralds or grass but not for pools. If your pool has gone green, something has gone wrong and it is time to call in the professionals. It is generally not a good idea to swim in a pool in this state so call in the experts as soon as possible. You may find that your Ipswich pool supplies shop can recommend someone for you.

You can also decide to use a professional pool service from day one – this takes all the guesswork out of the issue and saves you a lot in terms of time and effort. It is slightly more expensive than doing it yourself but the results are worthwhile.