swimming pool maintenance
13, Apr 2022
Swimming Pool Maintenance Basics

The wall and railing of your swimming pool need proper care, just like the water inside. Guests can damage them by sitting or standing on them. Also, rust under the top rail can fall into the water. If you want to replace the railing, you can purchase replacements at your local swimming pool supply store or through online parts suppliers. Just be sure to purchase the correct model. You can also winterize your pool. Before winter, you should clean the pool thoroughly, add a winter chemical kit, and remove the ladder and chemical supplies.

  • Inspect the tiles of your swimming pool regularly. Debris, algae, and human leftovers can build up on the tiles. Regular cleaning helps prevent hard dirt layer buildup and damage to the grout. The skimmer basket should be cleaned regularly to remove these deposits. Occasionally, it’s necessary to clean the skimmer basket, too. You can clean the impeller with a specialized cleaning kit. If you’re unsure of what the parts are called, consult the owner’s manual or call a professional to do it for you.
  • Chemicals are used to maintain the water’s pH balance. Proper pH levels prevent bacteria growth and kill germs. Test the water in your pool for this purpose once a week, especially after rainy weather, and periodically add chemicals to keep the pool clean and clear. To test the pH level of the water, use a test strip. Test kits can also be purchased for mobile devices. If you’re not able to access a local pool supply store, buy a test kit that comes with an app.
  • The winterizing process is vital to the health and safety of your pool. If you live in an area with harsh winters, you’ll want to prepare your swimming pool before the winter arrives. To prepare, run a water test kit to ensure that your pool’s pH levels are balanced. Also, make sure you drain any excess water from plumbing lines. Finally, cover your pool when the weather warms up. This will make winterizing your pool a breeze when the weather starts to warm up again.
swimming pool maintenance
  • Water levels should be at least halfway up the opening of the skimmer. If you see a spot with algae, use an old sock filled with chlorine to wipe it away. Occasionally, you can also use a pump to drain water. Lastly, make sure your pump and filter system is operating properly. This helps circulate the water, which is essential for a healthy swimming pool. This helps prevent algae and cloudy water.
  • Inspect the water chemicals of your swimming pool at least once a week. pH levels should be between 7.8 and 7.2. Pool test kits are available to help balance the water. Take a sample of the water to a pool supply store for assistance with routine maintenance. If your swimming pool is not fully chlorinated, consider buying a maintenance kit to keep it looking like new. The chemicals contained in these kits will last about one month.
  • Weekly use of a skimmer net will remove large amounts of debris, improve water circulation, and reduce the need for chemicals in the water. Also, a pool brush will scrub the top surface of the pool, as well as stairs, corners, and waterline. This will prevent debris from returning to the water. These tools can also help keep algae at bay. When used properly, these tools will help you enjoy your swimming pool. If you’re looking to invest in a pool brush, there are many different models available.

Weekly to monthly pool maintenance will involve detailed tasks, such as skimming, scrubbing, and checking the chemicals in your pool. The weekly maintenance will require up to two hours of work. A swimming pool maintenance service will do all these tasks efficiently and quickly, so you can spend more time enjoying your swimming pool. If you’re a busy parent, this chore can become a family activity! Consider using a pool robot to do some of the daily tasks.

Remember, swimming pools are an investment. You’ll want to preserve your investment for as long as possible. After all, you wouldn’t drive your car if it hadn’t been serviced regularly, or a pet needed grooming. Likewise, delaying your pool maintenance will damage its structure and functionality. A little bit of knowledge will go a long way in keeping your pool in good shape. And if you don’t have time, consider hiring a professional to do it for you.

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