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Keeping a Check on Swimming Pool pH

Climate change is a reality and it’s effects are being felt world wide. With previously unheard of weather events becoming a regular feature of news reports it’s hard to know what will happen next. One thing we can be sure of is the fact that every summer season seems to be more severe than the last. Heatwaves sap our energy and cause us to turn on the air conditioning. If we are fortunate enough to own a spa or pool we are sure to be spending quite a lot of time in them to beat the heat.

Whether you own a spa, above or in ground pool, you have the responsibility of keeping them well maintained and clean. PH levels need to be checked regularly to ensure the right amount of purifier is added to the water. This is all necessary to prevent skin infections and stomach upsets from swimming in unclean water. If chlorine is not added regularly the pool water can turn green because of algae. Visit your pool shop in Redbank Plains if you need advice. Councils have firm rules on pool maintenance and it is a good idea to abide by them for your own benefit.

As well as checking PH levels on a regular basis to ensure the water is clean and safe to swim in, it is important to keep the pool free of debris by using a good quality pool vacuum. The pump should be maintained and the filter checked to ensure it is working efficiently. A pool is a big expense to buy and install, and it doesn’t make sense to neglect the necessary steps that need to be taken to keep it in top condition. You will find all you need at any pool supplies store in Redbank Plains. If you need to have someone check the PH levels for you, there are firms that provide this service. They will clean the pool, check the pump and filter and check the PH balance for you. Their fee is money well spent.

Our drinking water passes through treatment plants and has chlorine added to purify it for the sake of our health. Would we drink it otherwise ? I think not. The purity of the water we swim in is just as important. Bacteria in the water can cause problems for our skin and cause internal problems. No one wants their leisure time spoiled by stomach upsets or itchy skin. For your health and enjoyment and other people that use your pool, make it a priority to keep it clean. The importance of checking and maintaining the correct PH levels cannot be overstressed.