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Swimming Season is Upon Us

The warmer months are arriving and this means many hours of fun to be spent in your pool. During the cold months your pool may have been covered and the pump turned on every now and then and you only needed to do the bare minimum to keep it clean.

Naturally, during the hot weather you will need to carry out more maintenance and cleaning as there will be more activity in the pool. But before all the extra use begins there are steps you can take now to ensure that your pool is swimmer ready before it happens.

Get expert help

If you don’t already have a pool expert handy where you can purchase quality pool supplies then you should get in contact with SPR Pool and Spa. With their many years of experience and strong commitment to customer satisfaction and the survival of your pool, there simply is no better place to call.

They offer standard and premium cleaning regimes for pools and spas as well as repairs and a good quality range of pool and spa maintenance products. They can offer you the best advice on a cleaning routine they can carry out that will best suit your needs.

Run the filter

As the weather heats up it’s a good idea to run the pool pump more often. Just a few hours a day can get the water circulating with the cleaning chemicals, et cetera, to help reduce algae build up and other improvements. In this time you can run tests on the PH level to see if the water is in ship shape condition.

Care for your cover

Caring for the pool cover is important. While it’s unlikely to be on much during the hot months you will want to use it again come winter time. Follow the instructions for proper cleaning and storage of your pool cover. Take your time to take good care of your cover and in turn you will be taking care of your pool.

Check pool equipment

It’s a good idea to check pool equipment for damage etc too. Again this is where experts such as SPR Pool and Spa come in handy as they have the knowledge to fully inspect all equipment for your pool. You can even check pool toy if you have any and any that are corroding or breaking might be best to be thrown out.

You don’t want any particles from broken pool toys getting blocked in the filter. Check out some of the services you can receive for your pool or spa here and enjoy your days in the pool.