The Importance of pH Levels In Swimming Pools

If you own a swimming pool you may already know how important it is for the pH levels in the water to be right. If you are about to own a swimming pool or if you are thinking of it, then you should familiarise yourself with the importance of correct pH levels.

If these are not right then the health of your pool water will suffer. Getting expert servicing and advice from our knowledgeable team at SPR Pool & Spa is really the best way to ensure that all is well with your swimming pool, including pH levels.

What is a pH?

All water has a pH level; this is a measure of the balance of acid and alkalinity in the water. If water has too much of either, acidity or alkaline, then these are not balanced and can cause chemical reactions.

Water that is too acidic can cause skin irritations to those swimming in it or corrode metal pool equipment. Too much alkaline in the water can make the water cloudy or cause scaling on pool equipment and the surface of the pool.

Will chlorine help adjust pH levels?

Simply adding chlorine to the mix won’t make any improvement to the pH level of the water because if the pH is out then it will have a negative effect on chlorine. When acid levels are too high the chlorine added will dissipate too fast and when alkaline is too high the chlorine is unable to wipe out any present pathogens.

What can put out the pH?

The pH levels in pool water can easily be put out and for this reason it is something that needs to be checked regularly.

When leaves, dirt or other debris fall into the pool, chlorine is added or sunscreen/oil from a swimmer’s body washes off the chemical makeup and the pool is thrown out of balance.

Pools work best with professional care

Because the pH level of your swimming pool can be fragile it pays to get professionals like SPR Pool & Spa to take care of the job. With their vast knowledge and experience they can ensure all equipment is running at its peak as well as check other items in pool water such as calcium hardness.

SPR Pool & Spa stock a great range of products as well as offering standard and premier pool cleaning services. Give them a call to discuss your needs today so your pool stays healthy all year round.