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Tips On Keeping Your Pool Sparkling Clean

There’s no point in owning a pool if you can’t use it – and you can’t use it if it’s not kept in tiptop shape. When it comes to maintaining your pool properly, getting into a routine – and having the right supplies – is critical. If you’re having a new pool installed, or just want a refresher on how to maintain your existing one, read on to learn more.

Stock Up On The Right Supplies

In order to perform the appropriate work on your pool, you’re going to want to keep certain tools handy at all times. Any pool maintenance professional in Ipswich will tell you that a leaf skimmer and a vacuum are absolutely essential. Similarly, a decent wall and floor brush can make a huge difference for you when trying to keep your pool clean. Some pool owners prefer to keep a tile brush and an algae brush on hand, too, so consider those items as well.

Skim Debris And Empty Baskets Regularly

Skimming the pool should become a regular pastime for you and the others who use and enjoy your pool. In fact, try to get everyone into the habit of skimming up surface debris regularly. Your local pool cleaning Ipswich supplier will tell you that skimming is one of the best ways to maintain the quality of your pool water. At the same time, take care to empty out the strainer baskets. Doing this will reduce the pressure that is inflicted on the filtering system and will keep your pool in better shape.

Clean The Walls

Although chlorine and other chemicals go to work on the overall condition and quality of your pool water, they don’t do a whole lot for the gunk that can build up on the walls of your pool. You’re going to have to exert a bit of effort from time to time in order to keep those walls looking their very best. Aim to clean the walls of your pool at least one time per week, in order to keep algae build-up, calcium scale and other issues at bay as much as you can.

Vacuum Regularly

You can reduce your reliance on sanitizing chemicals by vacuuming frequently or organizing a pool cleaning company in Ipswich to do it for you. When you think about it, the average pool vacuuming job really doesn’t take a whole lot of time. Trade off with others and try to vacuum the pool at least one time per week. This not only helps you keep chemical usage to a minimum, but it can reduce strain on your pool’s filtering system as larger bits of debris are removed by the vacuum. You’ll quickly see that your pool maintains a cleaner, more inviting appearance throughout the year when you employ these simple tips.