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Where to Buy Your Spa Supplies

One of life’s luxuries you can enjoy after a hard day’s work at the office is unwind in your backyard spa, or hot tub, with a good book and a glass of wine. However, owning a spa comes with the responsibility of keeping it clean and running as it should be. A spa is an expensive investment and it needs dedicated maintenance so that you can use it for your pleasure for a long time.

A One-Stop Spa Supply Store

If you have a spa in your backyard, you should know where to go to buy the best spa supplies as well as for repair and maintenance. Quality products that suit any budget are in stock at SPR Pool & Spa. The company offers a comprehensive range of spare parts for a wide range of spas in the areas of Ipswich, Redbank and surrounding suburbs. Spa repair and maintenance services are also offered by the company.

Products and Services

SPR Pool & Spa is supported by quality suppliers and technical support. Its retail outlet offers a variety of pool and spa chemicals, parts and equipment.

Whatever pool or spa part and accessory you are looking for, the store should have it in stock. You will find the most common brands of pool and spa filter cartridges, O-rings and seals, PVC fittings and pipe solutions and other accessories. The shop can order for you spa spare parts like a jet or a replacement heater.

You should own basic cleaning equipment for maintaining your backyard. The shop offers spa vacuums and surface wipes to help maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of your spa. Keeping your spa clean is one good way to protect your investment.

Sanitisers and Balancers

The shop also stocks a wide variety of pool and spa chemicals like sanitisers and balancers. Sanitisers are chemicals designed to disinfect and kill the bacteria living in your spa. Lithium granules or bromine tablets contained in a tablet dispenser can tolerate the higher water temperatures that conventional chlorine cannot. Ozone and ionisers can also be used to minimise the use of chlorine in your pool or spa.

Balancers are chemicals that keep your pool and spa water in perfect balance. If the water is not correctly balanced, sanitisers will not work efficiently and could cause damage to pool equipment and the pool surface as well as discomfort to the swimmers. To know the correct water balance for your pool or spa, give a water sample to the store for analysis. They will then determine the right balancer to use in your spa. For more information about spa supplies, click on https://www.sprpoolandspa.com.au/.