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Winterise Your Pool Now

It is a strange term but so obvious what is means. As these cooler months close in around us your pool or spa will get used less and less. If you are lucky to have an indoor or heated pool this may not be correct but for most of us in Queensland an outdoor pool is the norm.

So how can you ensure your pool or spa is well looked after during the winter months?

Filter Care

Usually, as it gets cooler, it is believed there will be less need to run the filter as often.

To a certain extent this is true but to avoid algae build up and to maintain the most appropriate calcium and pH levels of between 7.2 and 7.6 you will need to run it and measure the levels just as often.

The reason for this is twofold. This level is the most comfortable for our skins to accept when bathing. Also, if this pH level is not maintained there is risk of damage to the pool and filter.

Calcium levels are also important to monitor. Too little calcium will cause corrosion whilst too much will create scale.

Finally, the best thing you can do before the slower months set in is to give the filter a good clean. This way you can trust that any scale or oil deposits that may have been collected, have been flushed out and will not harden as you get cooler and cooler weather.

Regular Water Testing still a Must

For all of the above reasons you must maintain a good pH level. This is an easy test to carry out.

Depending on whether the reading you receive is acid or alkaline you will then need to add acid such as muriatic acid or alkali such as baking soda or soda ash. This is where it can get confusing for some people as they are not sure which product to add or how much to maintain the levels.

You can spend your time and money on a product as you teeter from high to low sometimes.

Call in the Professionals

Experienced pool cleaners SPR Pool & Spa are able to offer not only sound advice but products and servicing at very competitive rates thus relieving you of the chilly job of maintaining your pool over the winter months when you would rather be inside by the fire.